Estate Planning Seminar

Free Estate and Asset Protection Planning Workshops on Wills, Living Trusts, Medicaid & Veterans Benefits.

Morton Law Firm presents a workshop to help you protect what you have spent a lifetime to acquire.

You've worked hard for what you have. But did you know that without proper planning much of it is at risk? Nursing home costs can exceed $90,000 per year. Estate taxes are up to 45%. Without proper planning, much of your spouse's inheritance can be lost to another family if he or she remarries after you are gone. Your children could lose their inheritance to their own divorce, to their creditors, or due to mismanagement. Without proper planning, much of what you have saved could be lost in an instant. But with shrewd planning, you can protect what you have worked your lifetime to build.

If you want to learn more about how you can protect all of what is yours for your family, instead of leaving much of it to the government or a stranger, you should attend our upcoming seminar on this topic. To register simply complete the form to the right. Registration is free, but the knowledge you gain may be priceless.

Featured Presenter: Ronald C. Morton

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